A funicular at the G8 Summit

Evian - Neuvecelle, France

The engine room


The new transmission. During the renovation phase a new transmission was installed: engine, speed reducer and a new big pulley with disk brakes.


The new transmission.



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October 2002
The engine room - The old transmission which is not used anymore with, from left to right, the wheel which received the leather drive belt from the old engine, the two brakes which were activated by the operator from upstairs with two steering wheels, the speed reducer and the big pulley. Only the big pulley is used today.



The old commands in the operator room. The steering wheels were the brakes commands, October 2002


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# Funimag 24 #

Amsteg - Bristen
- Presentation
- The funicular (1)
- The funicular (2)

A funicular at the G8 Summit
- Presentation
- The stations
- The engine room
- The funicular

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