Amsteg - Bristen

Canton of Uri, Switzerland

The funicular (2)

The Amsteg-Bristen funicular is operating every day, From 04:00 am to 01:00 am the next morning!

See the timetable

The funicular is free, no fare to use it!

The car at the Wasserschloss top station with passengers waiting to go down. Note the intrance of the car through the rear wooden door and the rear platform.


At the Wasserschloss top station, a mini bus is waiting for the passengers of the funicular to bring them to Bristen.


At the Wasserschloss top station, only one passive pulley and a buffer.


Details of the chassis with the compartment of the operator and the security brakes.


The engine room at the Kraftwerk bottom station.
Note the conductor (with the headphones to protect from the noise) who is located inside.



Technical Datas
Start 1918
1st end 1998
Restoration 24 March 2003
2nd end 18 June 2003
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Bottom station Kraftwerk 526m
Top station Wasserschloss 806m
Length 533m
Gauge 1,05m
Difference of levels 280m
Maximum Gradient 92%
Number of cars 1
Capacity 20 passengers+1
Maximum Speed 1,2m/s
Security Speed 1,4m/s
Time of a ride 6'
Manufacturer Garaventa


Company Informations
KWA Kraftwerk Amsteg A
Gotthardstrasse 115
Postfach 64
CH-6474 Amsteg
Tel: (+41) 41 884 86 86
Fax: (+41) 41 884 86 09


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Amsteg - Bristen
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