The new Sierre - Montana - Crans

Text and photos by Michel Azéma

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 The new Bluche station
Bluche is the second optional stop on the line, just after Vermala.


Details of the waiting room of Bluche station.

Note the two buttons, as on building lifts, one to go up, the other one to go down.


 The old Bluche station when SMC funicular had two sections.



Photo Michel AZEMA May 1998

 The old Bluche station with its chalet.
This photo was taken in May 1998.
Note that it was exactly the place of the second siding of the old second section. The second track of the siding have been completely removed... On the right of the photo you can seen some old rails which have been stored.



Photo Michel AZEMA May 1987

The same photo in May 1987.
Nothing has changed... the same trees, the same chalet, the same snowy mountains... the only differences are the real second siding, the old SMC car, and all these electricity poles which do not exist anymore.

 At Bluche village, 200 meters from Bluche station you can see two of the four old SMC cabins.
The question is: where are the two other ones???? Do you have any answer? This is not the game 12... I don't know the answer ;-)

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