The new Sierre - Montana - Crans

Text and photos by Michel Azéma

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The cabin

The cabins of the new SMC are certainly the main curiosity of this new funicular.

The first characteristic is that the cabin are easily accessible by person with motor disability.

But the main visible novelties are a real and complete panoramic view and an excellent comfort.

 Look at this fantastic panoramic view!
The first three rows have real comfortable airplane seats which all face to the Rhône valley and the wonderful landscape in front of them as the famous great summits of this area (Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Matterhorn...).
Note that the 4 seats at the end of the cabin are really closed to the panoramic windscreen. This is the best places to choose!
The persons who are very familiar to funicular have already noted something special... there is no place for the conductor on this side of the cabin!

One cabin at the Sierre station.
Look the very easy way to load a wheelchair into the cabin.
On Sundays or holidays, passengers can take their ticket directly from the conductor.


Very interesting view of two of the four front (bottom side) seats... you already noted that these seats are equipped with seat belt!!!

Is there another funicular which is equipped with seat belts? I am not sure...


 The other parts of the cabin are composed of traditional graduated compartments with folding benches.
Note also that the roof of the cabin is completely made with glass!
Each compartment is equipped with control buttons, as in building lifts, to memorize which stop the passenger wants to get out.


 Where is the conductor?
The conductor is in its own compartment located at the end of the cabin which is always higher than the other.
By this way he always has a great eyesight to the track and also through the cabin to the other side of the track.
His control panel is in fact a real touch-sensitive video screen.

Presentation | The cabin | The new ride | Bluche | Technical | Menu

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