The new Sierre - Montana - Crans

Text and photos by Michel Azéma

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The new ride

  The new cabin at the Sierre station before the departure to Vermala.

 Just after the departure to Vermala.
It is possible to see the building of the Crans-Montana-Vermala resort just above the cabin.

 This photo is interesting because it shows the big panoramic windscreen and the four front seats.
It is also possible to see the small cable which is used to tight the big cable.


 The only one siding of the line built on an iron bridge.

It is located just near the old transfer station of Saint-Maurice-de-Laques.

The old station of Saint-Maurice-de-Laques has been completely destroyed and nothing is visible!

When the two cabins pass each other it is very impressive because the speeds of each cabin are doubled ( 8 meters per second each).

I was very enthusiastic when I used this new SMC, but I still have a criticism to make... we are very shacked during the travel. I guess because they did not change the rails on the tracks! The rails are still the same as in the beginning of the century!

   Interesting photo of the only one siding on the iron bridge.

 Bluche station.

   Vermala station, the upper station with the conductor who is conductor since 1975.

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