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"Die Puschlaver Geisterbahn" Cavaglia







(photo Michel Azéma September 2002)

The two hydroelectric power stations, Palü and Cavaglia, generate electricity with the waters which come from the Lago Bianco and Lago Palü and the Bernina Pass. This electricity supplies the Bernina Bahn railway and also the Poschiavo valley.

A tunnel links the two hydroelectric power stations with a difference of levels of 248 meters. In the tunnel the pressure pipeline for the water and since 1926 an underground incline cable railway is used alongside the pipeline to transport the power station employees.

In 2002, the Rhätische Bahn railway company and the Rätia Energie decided to create some kind of tourist tour inside the two hydroelectric power stations. Of course the main attraction of this tour is a downhill ride inside the tunnel with the incline railway.

Then on 10th July 2002 a new cable incline railway was opened to the public in Switzerland: "Die Puschlaver Geisterbahn".

The ride is impressive into the dark and narrow tunnel. The only carriage can transport 10 passengers, the seats are equipped with seat belt !


Technical Datas

 Opening to public
 July 2002
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Zentrale Cavaglia
(1706 m)
Top station Zentrale Palü
(1954 m)
Length 800 m
Diff. of levels 248 m
Maximum Gradient 71 %
Gauge 0,6 m
2 m/s
1 of 10 pass
Von Roll Habegger, Thun
Frey AG, Stans
Rätia Energie

CH-7742 Poschiavo

Tel. +41 (81) 839 71 11
Fax +41 (81) 839 72 99



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