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Schräglift Savognin - Tigignas







(photo Niederberger December 2001

Tigignas is the main transfer station for all the skiing pistes of the Savognin ski resort.

At Tigignas there is the top station of the main chairlift Savognin - Tigignas. From there you can take the second chairlift up to Somtgant and Piz Martegnaz, or you can take the new snow bus to Radons, or you can rest and have a meal at the restaurant. The problem is that the end station of the chairlift Savognin - Tignisas is located about 10 meters above these three equipments and until december 2001 you were obliged to use a long staircase which is a little bit difficult when you have to carry all your skiing equiment!

On September 11, 2001, Niederberger received the order to build an inclined elevator between the top station of the chairlift Savognin-Tigignas and the restaurant to avoid the obligation to use the staircase.

The official acceptance of the new inclined elevatod was on December 13, since December 14 it is operational.


Technical Datas

 14 December 2001
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Tigignas - Restaurant
(1582 m)
Top station Tigignas - Chairlift
(1592 m)
Length 82m
Diff. of levels 10 m
Maximum Gradient 12 %
Time of a ride 1'
1,8 m/s
1 of 12 pass
Savognin Bergbahnen Ag
CH-7302 Landquart

Tel. +41 (81) 322 18 66
Fax +41 (81) 322 68 23



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