Things are stirring in the Bernese Jura!

Saint Imier - Mont Soleil (SMtS)

Technical Data

The engine room

Unquestionably the main charasteristic of the Saint Imier - Mont Soleil new funicular is the single car pulled by a big winch at the top station.


The winch : the cable wind around the single big pulley.


The winch and the control room behind the window.


The top end of the cable which is fixed with eigth bolts on the side of the winch.


The bottom end of the cable which is fixed below the car.
The cable is winded 3.5 times around a drum and then simply locked with eight bolts.

The surprise is below the car!

What a surprise to discover that the single car is in fact the same car as a funicular with two counterbalanced cars and a passing loop!
The right side of the cabin has two wide flat wheels and the left side of the cabin has two double-flanged wheels to guide the cabin. The jaws of the emergency brakes are fixed on the left side of the cabin.
Of course such a system is unnecessary because there is no passing loop at all!
I guess this choice was made for economical reasons. Reusing an already designed car was probably cheaper than designing a special car for Saint Imier - Mont Soleil.

Details of one of the wide flat wheels.

Details of one of the two double-flanged wheels and one of the emergency brakes, the jaws which can squeeze the rail.

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The modern control room at the Mont Soleil top station.


Technical Data
Start August 8th, 1903 Nov 13th, 2003
End August 8th, 2002 ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Bottom station Saint Imier (832 m) Saint Imier (828 m)
Top station Mont Soleil (1173 m) Mont Soleil (1179 m)
Length 728m 743m
Gauge 1m 1m
Difference of levels 341m 351m
Maximum Gradient 60% 60%
Number of cars 2 1
Speed 2,5 m/s 5 m/s
Capacity 54 passengers 60 passengers
Car Manufacturer Gangloff Gangloff
Manufacturer Von Roll Garavanta


Company Informations
Funiculaire Saint-Imier-Mont-Soleil
Rue des Roches 31
Case postale
CH- 2610 Saint-Imier
Tél. +41 32 941 25 53
Fax +41 32 941 28 32


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