Grotte des Demoiselles

Saint-Bauzille de Putois (Hérault)

Text and photos by Michel AZEMA
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The funicular

demois01.jpg 146.853 K
The entrance of the cave at the bottom of the cliff.

demois02.jpg 77.04 K
Just after the entrance, the tunnel of the funicular and the public waiting for the opening of the gate.
You can note the shape of the open-cabin.

demois04.jpg 39.497 K demois07.jpg 54.161 K
The lower station. Note the possibility to access under the cabin by a cavity between the rails. The siding.

demois10.jpg 61.289 K demois11.jpg 64.23 K
The cabin #1 at the upper station. Note that the cabin is completly open with two compartments with wooden seats. Note also that there is no special compartment for the employee, only a small corner in each compartment. At the end of the visit of the cave the public returns to the funicular for the way down to the exit.

demois09.jpg 60.844 K The very simple engine room at the upper station. Note the two small holes in the wall for the cable.

demois12.jpg 31.427 K Left and right: details of the engine room at the upper station. demois13.jpg 33.736 K

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Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower stationsurface (270 m)
Upper stationcave (321,5 m)
Diff. of levels51,5 m
Length156,6 m
Gradient36 %
Gauge0,9 m
Number of cabin2
Passengers per Cabin25
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