The last funiculars of Montafon

Voralberg, Austria

Text and photos by Michel AZEMA
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Golmerbahn 2/2

Matschwitz is the transfer station between the two sections. The two sections are not on the same axle. The cabin of the first section stops just near the track of the second section, the machine room of the first section is located into a white house at 100 meters above the cabin.
Matschwitz tranfer station between first and second sections. The second section is located between the white house and the pressure pipeline.

The cable has to cross a field but it is protected against bad weather by a small glass roof.

The cable and the powerhouse of the first section

The end of the first section. Note on the left the second section and the distance between the end of the section and the powerhouse.

The second section, Matschwitz to Grüneck (1890 m), is a classic pendular section with two cars and a siding. The two cars are open plateforms. In 1994, the cars were covered by a roof and a canvas sheet on only one side. The passengers are sit onto wooden banquettes, they all face down to the valley. This section has the lowest gradient (39,9 %).

The siding of the second section. Note the asymetry of the siding. The reason is that with this kind of siding the track is close by the pipeline.
At the top of the photo the station of Grüneck (1890 m) which is the end of the Glomerbahn

The engine room of the second section at the station of Grüneck

Vue of the second section

1st section2nd section
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower stationLatschau (995 m)Matschwitz (1520 m)
Upper stationMatschwitz (1520 m)Grüneck (1890 m)
Diff. of levels525 m370 m
Length1312 m1224 m
Gradient (maximum)71,3 %39,9 %
Gradient (medium)49,3 %24,1 %
Gradient (minimum)16,3 %14,9 %
Gauge1 m1 m
Speed2,6 m/s2,4 m/s
Time of a ride9 mn9 mn
Number of cabin12
Passengers per Cabin75 or 10175
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