The last funiculars of Montafon

Voralberg, Austria

Text and photos by Michel AZEMA
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Golmerbahn 1/2

The Golmerbahn is the name of the funicular following the pressure pipeline which goes down the Golmer Joch (2124 m), a mountain near Schruns and Tschagguns, from the Lünersee artificial lake to the hydroelectric power station of Latschau.
It was built in 1954 and in 1957 the funicular was converted into public passengers transportation when the pipeline was finished.
The main caracteristic is that this funicular is built in two separate sections which are very different.

The Golmer Joch from the Schruns station. You can see the gap of the first section (in the middle of the forest) of the Golmerbahn.
The first section, from Latschau (995 m) to Matschwitz (1520 m), is a one track section with only one car and no siding. In fact it is not exactly true because there are two cars but these two cars are exclusive. One open plateform, for 75 passengers on wooden banquettes, is used during summer. Otherwise a closed car, for 101 passengers, in used.
The cabin of the first section at the Latschau station.


This section has a gradient of 49,3 % and in the middle of the section the section presents a profile with a high concavity. To prevent the cable not to raise the cabin up, a portico was installed with the rollers at the top of it ( see such a portico at the Vermuntbahn).

The other cabin (the open one) which is parked beside the Latschau station. Behind the cabin you can see the crane which is used to switch the two cabins.

Latschau station
The cabin arriving at the Matschwitz station
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