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Photo Michel Azéma April 2005


The funicular Lauterbrunnen-Mürren was built in 1891 to facilitate the access to the village of Mürren which is located on a plateau above Lauterbrunnen.

In fact the funicular links Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp and there a train, of the same company (BLM), go to Mürren. There are only two ways to go to Mürren: the funicular and an aerial cable way from Langwald. So Mürren is a village without any cars. The funicular and the train are very important because they carry foods, goods and people. The funicular was also used to transport the cabins of the BLM train!
Today the existence of the funicular is threatened because of some landslides on the slope. In some places the tracks are distorded ! There is a plan to replace the funicular with an aerial cable way !

A solution must be agreed upon by the end of 2006.

Three options are being examined :

- a new surface funicular instead of the present one (CHF 29 Millions),

- a new underground funicular on another site (CHF 47 Millions),

- an aerial cable car on the same site as the present funicular (CHF 20 Millions)... The top station would be the same Grütsch station.
It means that the extraordinary machine which presently takes charge of the freight transshipment between the funicular and the Grütsch - Mürren train will be retained for the pallet transshipment between the aerial cable car and the train !

The company Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen - Mürren (BLM) is for the aerial cable car solution, which is the less expensive. The Lauterbrunnen Town Council and the people of Mürren are for the rebuilt of the funicular but this solution is too expensive for BLM.

The Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren (BLM) was opened in 1891 and has been dismantled on Friday April 25, 2006 after 115 years! On Friday December 15th, 2006, was the opening of the new aerial cable car on the same site as the present funicular. The top station is the same Grütschalp station.


video Michel AZEMA August 2010
video Michel AZEMA August 2010




Technical Datas
Start 1891
End April 24, 2006
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Bottom station Lauterbrunnen (796 m)
Top station Grütschalp (1487 m)
Length 1444 m
Difference of levels 691 m
Maximum Gradient 60,6%
Gauge 0,8 m
Time of a ride 11'
Manufacturer Doppelmayr-Von Roll


Company Informations
Harderstrasse 14
CH-3800 Interlaken
++41 33 8287111
++41 33 8287264



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