Giessbach Bahn



Photo Michel Azéma May 1989


Giessbach, on the Lake of Brienz, is famous for its wonderful waterfall. The best way to reach Giessbach is to take the boat at Interlaken.

The funicular was designed by M. Riggenbach, the engineer who built the Rigi Bahn, and it was first in used in 1879 as a water-ballast funicular. It was one of the first funiculars of Switzerland. For sure it is the oldest one still in use.

Today the Giessbach Bahn is moved by electricity but the cabins are exactly the same as in 1879.

It still uses a Riggenbach cog between the rails as a brake to regulate the speed of the down cabin.


video Michel AZEMA August 2010
video Michel AZEMA August 2010



Technical Datas
Start 1879
End ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Bottom station Lake of Brienz (566 m)
Top station Giessbach Hotel (656 m)
Length 345 m
Difference of levels 90 m
Time of a ride 4'
Maximum Gradient 32%
Gauge 1 m
Manufacturer Doppelmayr-Von Rol


Company Informations
Garand Hotel Giessbach
CH - 3855 Brienz
Tel: (+41) 32 322 45 11
Fax: (+41) 32 322 45 12



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