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Kraftwerk Lüen







(photo Michel Azéma September 2003)

The Lüen hydroelectric power station is located at the bottom of the narrow valley of the Plessur river, between Chur and Arosa. The power station is completely hidden in the bottom of a very deep gorge. No road to access to the power station. By car, from Chur, take the road to Arosa, at Castiel take the road which goes down to the Lüen hamlet, then a very steep path which goes to the Rätische Bahn Chur-Arosa railway line…. And you arrive at the top of the funicular which goes down to the power station. By train, take the Chur Arosa train, leave it at Castiel-Lüen (don't forget to press the 'on-demand stop' button!), then take the small road which goes up to the Lüen hamlet and then the steep path to top of the funicular.
The funicular is private and used to transport the power station employees. Otherwise you can use another steep footpath which leads you the power station thru the forest and the deer.
The Arosa Energie Ag company organizes special visit of the power station, from Arosa, by train and funicular, but it is only for groups during summer time on the Thursday's.


Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Power station
(772 m)
Top station Railway
(895 m)
Length 324,5 m
Diff. of levels 123 m
Maximum Gradient 50 %
Gauge 1 m
Theodor Bell & Cie, Kriens

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