Chapf Bahn



Photo Michel Azéma April 2005


The hydropower KWO company produces electricity from the glaciers of the upper Aare valley. The waters are collected and brought to the Innertkirchen Powerstation thru an underground Handeck – Chapf feed gallerie .

The funicular is private and used only by the Powerstation employees to reach the surge-chamber and the penstock, for maintenance and inspection.

The funicular will be restored in summer 2005 among other modifications, in the underground surge-chamber and his connection to a new pressure-shaft and to a new butterfly valve: a new engine, new security system, new cable and track revision will give the funicular a new life.

The new funicular will be used for transportation during the actual construction and is not open for public.

The inclined building 10 m. beside the track is the bottom-station of a old cable car that was used during construction of the surge-chamber in 1939 for transportation of concrete. Today it is used as storageroom, and has no connection with the funiculair.




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Technical Datas
Start 1939
End ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Energy elec.gif
Bottom Station Üssri Urweid (717 m)
Top Station Chapf (1320 m)
Length 973 m
Difference of level 603 m
Maximum Gradient 100 %
Speed 1,83 m/s
Gauge 1 m
Cars 1 of 12 passengers
Manufacturer von Roll / Garaventa


Company Informations
CH-3862 Innertkirchen
Tel +41 33 982 20 11
Fax +41 33 982 20 05



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