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The funiculars of Kolbnitz
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  Text and photos by Michel Azéma

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Reisseck Bahn - The narrow gauge train

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From Schoberboden (2237 m) to Reisseck Hotel (2245 m)

The Schoberboden station is the transfer station between the funicular sections and a narrow gauge diesel train which goes to the Reisseck Hotel after a trip of 3,3 kilometers, most of the line is in a tunnel.

On the photo, the train just arrived at Schoberboden and the passengers from the reisseck Hotel get out the train to take the cabin 3 of the section 3 of the funicular (left).



Schoberboden (2237 m)

Schoberboden (2237 m)

Schoberboden station

 The passengers from Kolbnitz get in the train to Reisseck Hotel.

Note the crane above the train and above the WC (right) you can see the protection of the section 3 cable.

Narrow gauge train

Narrow gauge tunnel

Inside the long tunnel (more than 2 km), on the left the pipeline is still there! (photo Reisseckbahn)
 One of the two cabins of the narrow gauge train.    

 The exit of the tunnel.

Exit of the tunnel

Reisseck Hotel (2245 m) The Reisseckbahn narrow gauge train arriving at the Reisseck Hotel (2245 m) end station of the train.

 Details of the train which is composed of two cabins separated by a diesel locomotive.

The chalet behind the train is the bottom station of a ski lift.

Narrow gauge train

Reisseck Hotel (2245 m)

 Berghotel Reisseck (2245 m)

The terminus of the train is just below the hotel.

On the right, the Grossmühldorfsee dam which one of the Reisseckgruppe dams from where starts the pipeline which brings the water to the Kolbnitz power station.

Reisseck Hotel (2245 m)

Ernst Schweiger

The terminus of the narrow gauge train under the Reisseck Hotel.

 Ernst Schweiger, who is in charge to control the passengers at the Reisseck Hotel station. He controls your reservation ticket for the descent ride, do you remember that you had to choose your train at the restaurant in Zandlach station? You cannot take a train if your departure time on your ticket does not correspond to the train. I hope you will retrieve your reservation and you don't want to take another train as that one you reserved otherwise Ersnt Schweiger is pitiless!

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