Game 9

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Game 9

Game 7 and game 8 were too easy!
Game 9 is not easy at all !!...

1) What is the oldest funicular (any kind) still in use ?

2) What is the year of creation of this incline ?

Leave your answer, your name and your E-Mail address into my mailbox.

The solution and the winners will be published into the next issue of FUNIMAG.

Sorry! No reward... just fun !!!

Solution of Game 8

L'ascenseur de Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde (1892-1967).
Marseille (France)

The winners:

Chuck Benjamin 30 March 1997
Nils Lindgren 2 April 1997
Jaume Serra 19 April 1997
Jean-Marie Nicolas 13 May 1997

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