Game 8

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Game 8


I have covered up the stamp and the legend of this old postcard but I am sure that you will be a lot to recognize this famous funicular.
Where is it located and what is its name ?

Leave your answer, your name and your E-Mail address into my mailbox.

The solution and the winners will be published into the next issue of FUNIMAG.

Sorry! No reward... just fun !!!

Solution of Game 7

The ticket is from CARRIS, the transportation company of the city of Lisbon (Portugal)

The winners:

Ricardo Arnel Barradas 10 Nov 1996
Lukas Bruckner 27 Nov 96
Walter Sonnenberg 04 Dec 1996
Boris Levitin 29 Dec 1996
Lars F. Richter 20 Jan 1997
Martin Schmidt 27 Jan 1997
Nils Lindgren 28 Jan 1997
Ricardo Arnel Barradas 10 Nov 1996
Chuck Benjamin 25 Feb 1997

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