Funiculars of Varese (Italy)

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Funicolare del Sacro Monte

The funicolar del sacro Monte has been rebuilt
and is now in use again !!!!

Santa Maria del Monte on the Sacro Monte.
(Note the vestiges of tracks and the 84m siding)

The project of the engineer Vittorio Brazzi was to prolong the actual line Varese-Prima Cappella to Vellone. From Vellone, two funiculars would be built. One up to Sacro Monte and Santa Maria del Monte and the second one up to the Monte Tre Croci and Monte Campo dei Fiori.
This project was proposed the 2nd August 1907 and accepted only the 6th April 1911.

18 months were necessary to built the funiculare Vellone-Sacro Monte.

The inauguration was in June 1911.

The two funiculars and the train Varese-Vellone were stopped the 31st August 1953.

Upper station in 1911.

Actual state of the upper station.

Vellone, the lower station.

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station / AltitudeVellone / 630,85m
Upper station / AltitudeSanta Maria del Monte / 798,25m
Diff. of levels167,4m
Min. Gradient40,5%
Max. Gradient56,5%
red color
3 closed compartments
2 opened compartments
Total: 60 passengers
Length of the cabin8,26m
Width of the cabin2,08m
Bridge6 arches of 4m
6 arches of 5m
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