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The siding is used when the funicular is composed of two cars which use the same track. In most of cases it is for economic reasons that only one track is used instead of two.
Of course the main problem is how to avoid the collision of the cars ?
Exactly in the middle of the line, the track is doubled just to allow the crossing of the cars. That is the siding!
The two cars must always use the same side of the siding.
How ?
That is the main secret of the funiculars.
This problem has a very simple solution. The car 1 has double-flanged wheels on the left side and flat wheels on the right side. The car 2 has double-flanged wheels on the right side and flat wheels on the left side. Have a look to the anatomy page to see how are made these wheels. The double-flanged wheels force the car to follow the external and continuous rail. The problem of the cable is solved by a gap on the internal rails. The flat wheels are passive and have to cross rails and cable. To avoid the vibrations and have a smoother crossing of the cable, the flat wheels have a large width.
This system (also called Abt system) has absolutely no moving piece.

Car 1 always uses the left track, Car 2 the right track.

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