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Funiculars of Switzerland

ZSB - Zermatt - Sunnegga Berg

(Photo Michel AZEMA September 1999)

Located in the center of Zermatt, the Sunnegga Express was the first Swiss funicular built entirely in tunnel to transport the skiers up to the tracks. In 1985 it has replaced a chair lift.

From Sunnegga, the top station, you have a splendid panorama to the Matterhorn/Cervin (4477m), the Zinalrothorn (4221m) and the Weisshorn (4505m). You may continue with gondolas and an aerial cable way to reach the Rothorn (3100m).

The bottom of the funicular is not exactly the bottom station, you must walk through a 150 meters horizontal tunnel to reach the cabin which is composed of 10 compartments for 20 passengers each.


Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Zermatt (1599 m)
Top station Sunnegga (2288 m)
Length 1545 m
Diff. of levels 698 m
Average Gradient 48,7 %
Maximum Gradient 63,3 %
Time of a ride 3'
10 m/s
2 cabins of 200 passengers
1 m
Standseilbahn Zermatt - Sunnegga AG
CH-3920 Zermatt

Tel: 41.(0)27 966 29 29
Fax: 41.(0)27 966 29 25



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