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Funiculars of Switzerland

Moléson sur Gruyères


(photo Michel Azéma September 2000)

The second funicular of the Canton of Fribourg after the Neuveville-Saint Pierre in Fribourg.

Moléson-Village is a small ski resort near the famous village of Gruyères. In 1998 the gondolas from the village to Plan-Francey were replaced by a new funicular built by Doppelmayr. From Plan-Francey, an aerial cable way takes you to the top of the Moléson pick (2002 m).

The track of the funicular is completely built on stilts. The panoramic cabins have no conductor, they are built on two bogies and the cable is fixed to the cabin with a drum.


Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Moléson Village (1109,5 m)
Top station Plan Francey (1520,5 m)
Length 1364 m
Diff. of levels 411 m
Maximum Gradient 51,8 %
Speed 10 m/sec
1,2 m
Gruyères-Moléson-Vudalla SA

CH - 1662 Moléson-Sur-Gruyères



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