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DPB - Davos Parsenn Bahn







(photo Michel Azéma September 2003)

Parsenn Bahn was built between the two World Wars, at the begining of the ski activity, to access the Weissfluhjoch area which is one of the best area in Switzerland for skiing. Unfortunately in summer, without the snow, the Weissfluhjoch area is one the most horrible area I have ever seen in Switzerland! Compare to the ground of the moon, I really prefer... the moon!

Anyway, Parsenn Bahn is one of the longest funicular of Switzerland, length 4048 meters but with two sections. The fisrt section is steeper (47,7 %) than the second one (31 %).

Each of the four big cars is composed of two separated half cars with three compartments each.

The first section has been renovated with two new cars in December 2002.


Technical Datas

1st section
 2nd section
December 2002
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Davos Dorf
(1557 m)
(2219 m)
Top station Höhenweg
(2219 m)
 Weissfluhjoch (2663 m)
Length 1860 m
 2188 m
 4048 m
Diff. of levels 662 m
 444 m
 1106 m
Maximum Gradient 47,7 %
 31 %
Time of a ride 4'
1,2 m
 0,8 m
10 m/s
6,2 m/s
2 of 200 pass
2 of 170 pass
AG Davos-Parsenn-Bahnen
Promenade 157
CH-7260 Davos Dorf
Tel. 081 / 417 67 67
Fax 081 / 417 67 47


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