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LO - Lausanne Gare

(photo Michel Azéma May 2000)
In 1879, a new funicular was built to double the funicular Ouchy-Flon but only between the CFF train station and the Flon top station.

In 1958 the funicular was transformed into cog wheel train (Strub system).

Today Métro-Gare is a special shuttle service between Flon and Gare CFF using a separate track in the same tunnel between these two stations. Service is provided by only one single-carriage running up and down without a break. Actually the busiest of all three metro lines.

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This is the Gare station
On the left is the entrance of the bottom station for the funicular Gare-Flon ("FUNICULAIRE pour la VILLE") with its track and the carriage under the tunnel.
On the right side of the postcard is the Gare station of the funicular Lausanne-Ouchy
("SALLE D'ATTENTE Lausanne Ouchy")
the entrance of the station is on the extreme right of the postcard.
Today this station still exists but it is now underground with a Mac Donald instead of the Hotel restaurant !
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Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Type of energy
Bottom station
Gare (447 m)
Top station
Flon (484 m)
318 m
Difference of levels
37 m
Maximum Gradient
12 %
1,435 m
4 m/s
Transports publics de la région lausannoise
Société du Métro Lausanne-Ouchy sa
Chemin du Closel 13-15
Case postale
CH-1020 Renens 1
Tél. : 41 21 621 01 11
Fax : 41 21 625 01 22


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