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Funiculars of Switzerland

La Coudre - Chaumont

(photo Michel Azéma September 2001)

Chaumont is a crest which dominates Neuchâtel at 1151 meters high. From there you get a view of the whole Neuchatel lake or it is also the start point of a lot of paths on the Jura montain.

In 1910 a funicular was built to link Chaumont to La Coudre which is a suburb of Neuchatel. It was opened on 17 September 1910. At the same time a tower was built at the top station. At the beginning the top of the tower included a searchlight but it is not in use anymore.

Today La Coudre can be reached by the trolley bus Neuchatel - Hauterive.

For many years the funicular uses multicoloured carriages, in 1995, the carriages were replaced and they are still multicoloured: mostly yellow and blue for the left carriage and mostly red and blue for the right carriage.


Technical Datas

17 September 1910
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Type of energy
Bottom station
La Coudre (590 m)
Top station
Chaumont (1160 m)
2097 m
Difference of levels
570 m
Maximum Gradient
46 %
1 m
3 m/s
Von Roll
Transports Publics du Littoral Neuchatelois
5, quai Ph. Godet
CH-2001 Neuchâtel

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