Game 5

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Another latin funicular...still running...which one ?

The solution and the winners are into FUNIMAG Issue 6.

Sorry! No reward... just fun !!!

Solution of Game 4

This horrible building was built at the place of the first french funicular: "La Ficelle" (the string).

Lyon / Rue Terme - Croix Rousse France (1862-1967)
Today, the first subway in the world is a car park and a fast climbing way for cars to go up to "La Croix Rousse"!!! The City of Lyon would have been more intelligent to restore "La Ficelle" and to transform it into a great touristic attraction.
Now, it is a great and horrible shame!!!
Excuse me, I am angry!...
The same picture at the beginning of the century.

The winners :
Alain Thozet
Henri Benezech

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